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Good night, sleep tight

Perfect rest starts from a comfy bedroom. Unleash your creativity to make not only comfortable but also a pleasant place to start and end your day. Whatever your ideas, we provide all bedroom furniture you need with affordable price. Let's checkout our collections and find the bedroom design you like.

Bedroom Ideas & Solutions

Two dudes and a studio

Here’s a less conventional (yet functional) way to store all your clothes in a one-room apartment. An open wardrobe, cabinet, drawer units...these two theater students desperately need them!

An eclectic bedroom

Imagine lying in bed, admiring all the amazing garments you’ve assembled over the years. And hanging side by side like a Broadway dressing room…

Keep all things organised

Step into the dream walk-in closet. With drawers, shelves, boxes and bins, there’s plenty of clothes storage for both him and her (but mostly her). So place a chair in your dressing room lounge. Read and relax, or just get inspired!

Room to rise and shine

Look how cool it is to have a light and airy bedroom to start your day with. Choose white furniture and combine them with some colourful textiles to brighten up your daily routines. 

Sleep tight in traditional style

A traditional style bedroom with bold coordinated colours and decorative patterned walls can be a great choice for you. Also put some plants near the window to enhance your bedroom's natural beauty and air quality for a better sleep.

Nordic style, that’s easy on the wallet

Dark beige bedroom in contrast with bright white furniture and open storage unit for clothing to bring a Nordic feel in your bedroom. And the good thing is everything easy on your wallet, too. 

Sleep easy, with everything neatly tucked away

Create more space to breath in the bedroom. How? Get things organised! Choose furniture with many drawers to give you more room to store your stuff. Keep all the essentials in a neat, orderly place. So you will never come home to a messy bedroom.  

The perfect excuse for a sleep-in

There is nothing better than a warm and comfy bedroom in a cold rainy days. Snuggle up on the bed with the added warmth of the textiles makes the sleep-in seems so splendid.

The three-in-one bed

This is a small but smart space. Using a flexible stackable bed with two mattresses that can be used as a sofa, single, double, or even twin bed for extra guests and also a floor to ceiling curtain to cover up the open storage furniture.  

Blending in with nature in your bedroom

A perfect bedroom must provide the calmness like the nature has given to humanity. Adding vases which contain flowers and plants inside your bedroom brings more intense natural vibes.