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Enjoy the sunshine

House is not only about the inside, but also the outside. Take a look at your outdoor area and imagine what kind of furniture you can add to enjoy the sunshine time. Check our outdoor department to discover lots of outdoor furniture. From outdoor cushion to gardening accessories, we provide it for you.

Outdoor Ideas & Solutions

Make the most of your balcony

Many activities you can do at the balcony. See how this green-thumb family turn their tiny balcony into a mini garden. With some potted plants, outdoor table and chairs, and even a parasol, they create a relaxing place to spend their spare time.

Create your own picnic spot

Turn your outdoor area into a picnic spot. With our wooden table and chairs, you can bring natural ambience to your home. Place cushion on the chair so you can have a cosy seating while enjoying the morning breeze and breakfast.

Cosy dinner at balcony? Why not

Who says you can not have a pleasant dinner at home? With the right furnishings, you can turn the balcony into a cosy dining area. You can combine simple table and chairs, some potted plants, and decorative lighting as beautiful ornaments.

Simple elegance for small balconies

This balcony might look small, but with the right furnishings it can be a elegant place to enjoy tea-time. Some complements like hanging planter, parasol and rug will perfect your balcony décor. 

Tidy bench storage for tight spaces

Have a limited space balcony? Don't worry, we have bench storage with wall panel so you can seat and organise all things at once. Now you have a wider balcony to enjoy the morning view.

Pleasant atmosphere in tight space

No matter how tight your balcony, you can still enjoy it. Let's see how they make a cosy balcony with only 2 chairs and some decorative plants. 

Time to sit back and enjoy the sunshine

Looking outside and feel the warm sunshine are the easy ways to relieve your stress. Make your balcony more cosy with our table-chair set and some potted plants. And if the sunshine is too hot, you can use the parasol. Now you have a pleasant space for relaxing.

Ready for a cool drink and an afternoon in the sun

Outdoor area can be the best spot to spend hours. Just add a comfy sofa and put some cushions on it, also a coffee table and parasol, now you ready for long, lazy days and cold drinks with friends.

For barbecue party or just share stories

Need some ideas to enhance your outdoor area? See how this family turn their backyard into a perfect place for barbecue party. With wooden dining set and comfy cushions, their guests will not only enjoy the food but also the warm ambience.

Smart design for tight spaces

Tight space will not be problem to create a nice balcony. With fold away table and chairs you can save more space. There's a shelf unit to keep potted plants and other things perfectly organised.