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Gather for the food, stay for the stories

Not only for food, dining room is the best place to share stories with family. We are here to ensure you have a memorable dining time with our dining furniture. Find out lots of dining room ideas to choose from, and lots of possibilities for combining it all in your space. 

Dining Ideas & Solutions

A naturally Scandinavian dining room

Eating at the table can get a little boring when you have a balcony, terrace or deck. Don’t have an outdoor space? No worries. A birch plank table and other natural materials make eating indoors feel like you’re right outside.

A table for two, four and six

This social family centers their dinner parties around an extendable table that has plenty of room for a couple or a crowd. And if you have last-minute guests? Unstack a chair and let them have a seat!

Dine with designers

This modern dining room might look modest, but it’s far from being just black and white. Read in between the lines and you’ll find design icons that are comfortable to spend hours around the table.

Simplicity at its best

You don't need fancy furnishing to have an enjoyable family dinner. Take a look at this simple dining room. With simple dining chairs and table, also a rug in calming colours, you can bring a warm ambience to family feast.

Beauty details for your dining room

Getting a perfect dining room is as easy as placing beautiful dining table and chairs. Adding patterned rug as a unique complement. Clean is beauty, so make sure all unused stuffs are perfectly organised in wall cabinets.

For food, fun and everything in between

Dining room is not only for enjoying food but also the stories. With our playful furnishing, you can turn a plain dining room into a pleasant place to spend your time with family or friends.

Intimate, inviting and ready for guests

Treat family and guests to a pleasant dinner setting.  With comfy chairs, soft rug, and warm lighting, your guests will love to spend their time in this place.

Flexible furniture for relaxed gatherings

Having dinner, share stories or even playing card with family. Many activities you can do in your dining room, so make sure all furnitures work just fine for you. See how this big family arrange their chairs and bench to make sure everyone can gather around the dining table. 

Aging with grace

Clean lines and leather make this a modern dining room solution for the modern family, who loves to socialise (and show off). See how we paired stylish and durable furniture together for all-day entertainment.

Harmonious, small space living

Living in apartment with limited space? Let's see how this newly-weds merge their dining and cooking area in a harmonious way. With a few pieces of functional furniture, they can create a comfortable and spacious dining room.